Dressed For Success: Judging a book by its cover with Jeremy Knight

Saturday 18th May, 15:00

Firsts: London’s Rare Book Fair, Saatchi Gallery, Duke of York's Square, King's Rd, London, SW3 4RY
Dust jackets are an area that has been driven by private collectors rather than institutions, who for many years treated them as fluff. Collectors, however, realised what a remarkable feature of the book they were. For a start, they had to tell at a glance what the book was about, 100,000 words had to be distilled in one image. Sometimes the author was involved in the design, often it was only the publisher, who may not even have read the book. They can be design masterpieces or catastrophies. This catwalk around the fair will reveal book couture at its finest with some shabby chic thrown in for good measure.

This tour will be led by Jeremy Knight, formerly curator of the Horsham Museum and part of The Book Collector's editorial board.

Tours will meet in the lobby - signage will be provided to indicate the meeting spot.

Bookings are no longer available

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